Why work at Meloche Group
why work at groupe meloche inc

Why work at Meloche Group?

Human capital management at Meloche Group is based on fundamental management concepts:

  • The respect of company values which is our guide for human resources policies and practices, beginning with recruitment up to personnel performance assessment frameworks;
  • Constant dialogue that governs good working relationships within the company (implemented in 1990), a Labour Relations Committee that works in close collaboration with management and strives to maintain harmony and foster confidence.

Working for Meloche Group means:

  • Competitive wages and benefits;
  • Contribution pension plans;
  • Profit sharing programs (Bonus);
  • Promotion opportunities;
  • Professional development;
  • Clean and safe work environments;
  • Air conditioned plant;
  • Labour relations committee;
  • Continuous improvement program;
  • Very active social club.

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