Board of directors
board of directors groupe meloche inc

Board of directors

In order to support their continued expansion, Meloche adopted an effective governance structure comprising:

  • A Board of Directors;
  • An Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee;
  • A Human Resources and Compensation Committee;
  • A Family Council;
  • A Mergers and Acquisitions Committee.

The Board of Directors for Groupe Meloche includes, for the most part, external and independent members who provide a critical viewpoint to the company which in turn ensures a healthy management process. Bringing together individuals from a broad spectrum of industries, these administrators provide support to the management team throughout the growth of the company.

réjean meloche groupe meloche inc
Réjean Meloche
Honorary Chairman of the board and founder

marc guay
Marc Guay
Chairman of the board

hugue meloche groupe meloche inc
Hugue Meloche
President & CEO, Meloche Group

jacques st-laurent groupe meloche inc
Jacques St-Laurent
Corporate Director

Hélène Séguinotte
Corporate Director

gerard gagne
Gérard Gagné
Portfolio Manager, Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Normand Sauvé
President & CTO

Administration & Innovation Center

Excellence Center